Hey there, I'm Cre! A stylist and salon owner who has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. Throughout my career, I've witnessed so many women struggling with hair loss who wanted and needed answers. If I'm honest, I was unable tell them what type of hair loss they were dealing with or the underlying cause. That is, until recently. 

You see, I was also dealing with my own hair loss and understood the frustration my clients felt. Trying everything to get results without success. I was tired of covering my head with wigs and weaves. I needed something that'll truly work!

While researching for solutions, I discovered the wonderful field of Trichology. What is trichology? It is a branch of dermatology, focusing on hair and scalp issues. I instantly knew this was a level of expertise that I needed to add to my business! After gaining an understanding on the various types of hair loss and the underlying cause, I was equipped to help myself, along with other women and men grow back their own natural hair. 

I'm dedicated to helping men and women realize that a healthy head of hair doesn't just happen by what we put on our head, but also by what we put in our bodies. This is why I developed Tri Cre Hair Growth System, two different hairloss systems, Natural Therapy and Max Therapy. Both are formulated to provide you with the nutrients you need inside out, so that you can begin to grow a healthy head of hair!

Get excited about your hair growth journey!

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